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$17.99 17.99
Color: Black ? Yellow
Tool Quantity:4x Bend Pliers,4x Straight Pliers, 1x Hook Tool,1x Pick Tool
Package includes:
1x 5-1/2" Bend Pliers (Tip Size: 0.38")
1x 6" Straight Pliers (Tip Size: 0.38")
1x 5-1/2" Bend Pliers (Tip Size: 0.47")
1x 6" Straight Pliers (Tip Size: 0.47")
1x 7-1/2" Bend Pliers (Tip Size: 0.70")
1x 8" Straight Pliers (Tip Size: 0.70")
1x 8-1/2" Bend Pliers (Tip Size: 0.90")
1x 9" Straight Pliers (Tip Size: 0.90")
1x 5" Hook Tool
1x 5" Pick Tool
1x Red Carrying Case

Kindly tips: You may receive a Red or Yellow handle, it does not affect its function.

  • Can be used for removing and installing internal and external retaining rings
  • Thumbscrew permits quick conversion;pivoting plier jaws for precision job
  • Comfortable insulated vinyl handles ensures safety, made of heavy-gauge tempered steel is perfect for heavy duty job
  • Contains 10 piece of tools to meet different demands
  • Comes with a storage case for easy carrying