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Suitable Car Model: Ford Ford Fiesta (08-15) Ford B-Max (12-15) Ford C-Max (03-07) Ford C-Max (07-10) Ford C-Max (10-15) Ford Focus (04-11) Ford Focus (11-15) Ford Grand C-Max (10-15) Ford Tourneo Connect (13-15) Ford Grand Tourneo Connect (13-15) Ford S-Max (10-15) Ford Galaxy (10-15) Ford Kuga (13-15) Ford Transit Connect (13-15) Volvo Volvo S80 (09-14) Volvo V40 (09-14) Volvo V40 Cross Country (10-14) Volvo XC60 (09-14) Volvo S80 (09-14) Volvo V60 (10-14) Volvo V70 (09-14) Volvo S60 (11-11) Mazda Mazda 5 (CW) (10-15) Mazda 6 (GH) (10-13)1.6L Engine Code B4164T, B4164T2, B4164T3, HXDA, HXDB, HXJA, HXJB, IQDA, IQDB, IQJA, JQDA, JQDB, JQGA, JQMA, JQMB, JTDA, JTDB, JTJA, JTMA, JTWB, MUDA, PNDA, RVJA, SIDA, U5JA, XTDA 2.0L Engine Code: B4204T6, B4204T7, B4204T7 (MZRDIDSI), MGDA, MZR 2.0 (LF), R9DA, TNBA, TNBB, TNWA, TNWA, TPBA, TPWA, ZQDA

  • The comprehensive the setting and locking kit covers the engine, which has fitted to a large range of Ford, Volvo and some Mazda vehicle.
  • Contain the time saving tool correctly align the timing cover on Ford and Volvo engines and the crankshaft pulley holder for Mazda engine.
  • Includes: - Camshaft alignment plate - Cam phaser alignment tool (to time variable valve timing) - Crankshaft alignment fixture (3 pieces) - Crankshaft timing pin (inserted on side of engine block)
  • Come with a carry case for easy storage