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Master tool set includes a comprehensive set of 9 application-specific tools that are required to perform camshaft timing on M60 engines and camshaft + VANOS timing on M62 engines
Kit includes: A. BMW V8 (M60/M62) Camshsft Locking Fixture, B. BMW (M62) Vanois Camshaft Timing Tool, C. BMW (M62) Electroagnetic Valve Socket, D. BMW (M62) Vanos Tensioning Bracket, E. BMW(M62) Vanos Camshaft Timing Pin. F. M62 Vanos Turning / Adjustment Socket.
M60B30: 1993-1995 E34 530i, 1992-1994 E32 730i, 1994-1996 E38 730i; M60B40: 1993-1995 E34 540i, 1992-1994 E32 740i, 1994-1996 E38 740i 1992-1996 E31 840i; M62B35: 1996-1997 E39 535i, 1994-1997 E38 735i/735iL;
M62TUB35: 1998-2001 E38 735i/735iL, 1998-2003 E39 535i; M62B44: 1996-1998 E39 540i, 1994-1998 E38 740i/740iL, 1994-1999 E31 840Ci;
M62TUB44: 1998-2003 E39 540i, 1998-2001 E38 740i/740iL, 1999-2003 E53 X5 4.4i, 2003-2005 Range Rover Land Rover, 2000-2004 Morgan Aero