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Product Features:
Blackened oxide finish to resist corrosion
Bearing assisted force nut for ease and longevity of tool
Tool allows the bush to be fitted quickly and easily without causing damage while axle still on vehicle
For use on Audi A3; VW Golf IV; Bora 1.4/1.6/1.8/2.0 and 1.9D(2001~2003)

Recommended Instructions of use:
Step 1: Securely support the vehicle with jack stands or frame lift, then remove the rear wheels per factory manual
Step 2: Remove both front mounting bolts from the rear axle mounting bracket
Step 3: Pull the front end of the trailing arm down the mounting bracket and wedge into position, using a solid object between the arm end and the underside of the vehicle.
Step 4: Mark the exact position in the arm of the rubber mounting
Step 5: Remove the old mounting bush from the trailing arm
Step 6: Lubricate the screw threads of the tool
Step 7: Align the Y mark on the new bush with the mark on the axle trailing arm
Step 8: Assemble the bush suspension tool and insert the new bonded mounting into position, adapter is lipped and designed to sit flush against the trailing arm
Step 9: With a 24mm socket on ratchet slowly turn the thrust bearing to pull the new mounting into the rear axl
Step 10. Re-assemble and Repeat steps 3-9 for the other side