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For removing old fluid from the brake master cylinder.
Vacuum bleed brake lines and wheel brake cylinders
For removing old fluid from the clutch master cylinder.
Vacuum bleed clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, and hydraulic lines.

Package includes:

1 set of Extractor Unit
1 set of Extract Tube and hose
1 set of Brake tube with rubber fitting
1 set of Refilled kit
1 set of adapter.
1 set of instruction manual.
Item is well packaged in color box with foam wrapped.

  • It uses compressed air between 70psi(4.8Bar) to 170psi(11.6bar), for building vacuum in the tank
  • By attaching the proper adapter(brake tube) to the fluid outlet cover located on the top of the unit, the vacuum can be used to drain brake fluid from a hydraulic system such as the brake or clutch systems on an automobile.
  • It can also be used to extract a variety of fluids from reservoirs including the master cylinder or those for power steering fluid
  • An automatic refilled kit is included with this unit, it is conveniently designed for use with a standard bottle of brake fluid, to main an adequate fluid level in the master cylinder while the hydraulic system is bled.
  • This unit is designed for use as a vacuum brake or clutch bleeder. A detail instruction manual is included with the unit.